About Pure Sativa WorldWide

Puresativa Worldwide offers a selection of esteemed brands such as AlienLabsCookiesThe Smokers ClubRuntz, RevelryFreshemp, Sativa Hemp Bags & many more. Our reputable merchandise is available globally, allowing you all to access premier goods worldwide. Our Puresativa Worldwide team prides itself upon our customer care and long-standing relationships with our brand partners, built on loyalty. We hold our responsibility toward these relationships in the highest regard, distinguishing us from other distributors in the industry. 


So, if you want to create a wholesale account to extend these products to your customers, please use the wholesale registration form. Or, if you are interested in us distributing your products, please do not hesitate to contact us.      

High-Quality Brands

Puresativa Worldwide has established itself as a pioneer in our industry, having over 25 years of professional experience. Becoming a well-respected company for our unparalleled dedication to our brand partners has crowned us their Official Exclusive Distributor. As a result, we are confident in the world-renowned brands we choose to work with, providing you with high-quality merchandise. 


Puresativa Worldwide specializes in Clothing & Merchandise by notorious American brands like Cookies, Runtz and Smokers Club, who love and appreciate our industry. Legendary music entrepreneurs, producers and musical artists heavily ingrained in the Hip Hop scene, such as Berner, Yung LB, Jonnyshipes, Smoke DZA and Shiest Bubz, are some elite names who established these brands. Other brands under the Worldwide family were born from ingenious artisans who live and breathe our passionate community, for example, Alien Labs.

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The Smokers Club Stock Wholesale

Hemp Bags & Accessories

At Puresativa Worldwide, we are delighted to say we carry eco-friendly Hemp apparel. We offer the full range of our sought-after sustainable bags and accessories by Sativa Bags. Sativa Bags is our very own brand of over 25 years, created by the Puresativa Worldwide family, commencing our journey in the industry. The entire collection is manufactured using 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton blend material and designed in-house. Sativa Bags includes but is not limited to Backpacks, Laptop Bags, Crossbody Bags, Shoulder Bags, Wallet and more. Every bag and accessory pay exceptional attention to detail, achieving practicality and versatility, whilst being environmentally conscious. 


Expanding the scope of hemp apparel that we offer, we distribute the gorgeous Freshemp women and menswear sustainable hemp jackets. Freshemp has been a prominent company since 1993, previously recognized as the Hoodlamb brand originating from Amsterdam. During their time as Hoodlamb, celebrity icons proudly wore their jackets, such as Woody Harrelson, Redman, Snoop Dog and more. After Freshemp's re-brand, they have returned to the scene surpassing all expectations with their reinvented plush jackets, made from hemp and ethically sourced materials. The ethos of Freshemp is ethical and environmentally friendly jackets with a slick, timeless and luxurious aesthetic. 


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Sativa Bags Wholesale

Odour Proof Bags

We also offer a top brand for our community, Revelry Supply, whose products we believe should be staples in all our closets. Revelry is an outstanding team of innovators and industry experts who created a leading smell and odour proof bags and luggage company. Revelry stood out to us because they are highly functional, with a classic and straightforward aesthetic. 


The team built a custom system, and all the layers combined work to prevent any unwanted odours from escaping your bag and water from getting in. The best part about the Revelry designs is that you or anyone else can't see the magic between the layers because the Revelry bags look like beautiful products. Revelry permits you to keep the contents of your bag to be discreet as ever.

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Revelry Supply Bags Wholesale