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Clothing & Merchandise, Storage Jars, Containers, Hemp Bags & More...

Here at Pure Sativa WorldWide, we have a great range of top-shelf, high-quality brands such as AlienLabs, CookiesThe Smokers Club, Revelry, Runtz, Sativa Hemp Bags & many other elite brands. Having been in the industry for over 25 years, we have long-lasting relationships with the top brands that have allowed us the honour of becoming the Official Distributor for numerous industry clothing brands. 


Pure Sativa WorldWide specifically specializes in Clothing & Merchandise, such as Hoodies from brands like, The Smokers Club, AlienLabs & Runtz, in addition to T-Shirts, Water Bottles, Hats, Caps, Socks and much more.


We offer carefully curated Hemp products such as soaps, creams & oils from Bottega Della Canapa and Hemp Foods such as Pasta, Hemp Oil, Chocolate, Protein, Tea, etc. from Hanf Natur Hemp Food supply. In addition, Pure Sativa WorldWide also offer a full range of eco-friendly Hemp Bags & Accessories, including but not limited to BackpacksLaptop BagsCrossbody BagsShoulder BagsWallets and more from our own brand Sativa Bags. Every bag from Sativa Bags epitomises both elegance & functionality, subsequently attention to detail that aims at practicality and versatility for any occasion. We are passionate about our quality products, and we hope to entice you to try our wares and share our passion for quality goods.


Smell Proof Bags from Revelry Supplies is another of the ranges we are proud to offer; these have been designed with over seven layers and a rubber seal for the zip. Revelry is well known for being the industry leader when it comes to smell proof bags. One of the layers has been built using a carbon filter system built right into your backpack to absorb any odours that might try to escape. Another of the layers would be the rubber backed exterior; this makes the backpack almost waterproof, keeping your content dry even if your not, allowing you peace of mind if you get caught out.


Child Proof Mason Storage Jars from Re:Stash is another line of products that we stand behind. These awesome jars are the perfect storage solution for pungent organic herbs or other personal belongings that you want to keep safe & away from curious hands. The jars have been constructed in the USA from premium 3mm thick borosilicate glass and are wrapped in a patented Silicone sleeve, offering UV protection and feature a range of graphics from brands like Runtz, Zkittlez, Cookies The Smokers Club. In addition, they all come with a free Boveda Humidty Pack that is capable of maintaining humidity and preserving terpenes. 


We also stock C Vault; they're the most advanced way to store spices, herbs or other organic material to maintain long-lasting flavour & freshness. These incredible storage options can preserve your product and enhance smoothness and flavour, especially when powered with the Boveda 2 way humidity control packs. This will keep your orgnaic dry herb material at the perfect moisture level so you can ensure your experience is consistent and your herb retains the same balance of dryness/ dampness. 


Boveda humidity packs are one of our favourite products as not only are they innovative and the perfect fix for maintaining and ensuring the shelf-life of your goods, but they clearly and concisely explain the technology that exists within their products. Their humidity packs work by changing from a saline solution to a water-vapour altering the humidity by reducing or increasing the water content. The salt stays in the packet at all times, only the water vapour will come into contact with your material & these vapour molecules form a protective covering over terpenes preventing them from off-gassing to the air. 


All of our goods are available worldwide, so if you are interested in creating a wholesale account to offer these products to your customers please feel free to use the wholesale registration form. At Pure Sativa Worldwide, we pride ourselves upon our commitment & loyalty, both to our customers & brand partners. We believe this sets us apart from the alternative distributors, so if you are interested in us being a distributor for your products, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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  • Runtz Yo' Life Up With Runtz
    Runtz Yo' Life Up With Runtz

    The Pure Sativa WorldWide team are delighted to launch several new high-end Runtz products adding to our already lit line-up from the Cali cannabis company, well known for their exotic strains fire branding.

    Runtz is in the rarefied air with the most well known top cannabis companies in the industry, having gained a reputation quickly for slick designs and top-shelf quality, and thankfully their merchandise lines are made to the same high standards. The many products from their merch range display the same energy that their cannabis does and quickly catapulted their branding to the top of the game.

    As cannabis legalisation has swarmed across the USA, this has led to the emergence of numerous exotic cultivars, all with associated branding clamouring for fan's attention. Despite the competition from brands such as Cookies, Zkittlez, Alien Labs, Lemon Tree and Smokers Club these luxury cannabis companies haven't taken away from the loyal Runtz following. The culmination of these brands shows the world that cannabis lifestyle brands are here to stay and equally indicates to the public that you're in the know of the top brands in the industry.

    Runtz brand came to the limelight through the success and universal adoption of their namesake strain, the Runtz, they didn't stop there, and many strains have been added to their catalogue soon, including the Peach Cobbler and Ether. This latest clothing and accessories drop displays the Runtz branding along with a number of other designs, such as the Runtz worldwide branding and the Runtz Ether logo. The range of graphics that the Runtz team has provided for us indicates that the Runtz team doesn't plan on slowing up soon and is coming for the world.

    Perhaps the most luxurious cannabis apparel out there has got to be these god-tier

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  • Obama Runtz
    Obama Runtz

    Obama Runtz is a strain of cannabis that has been turned into a range of T-Shirts designed by Runtz with an iconic picture of the former US president Barack Obama, the 44th elected president wearing a fedora while smoking in Cuba. 

    The t-shirts themselves are made from high quality 100% preshrunk soft spun organic cotton, meaning this stunning range of Obama Runtz t-shirts feels luxuriously soft on the skin and super comfortable to wear. These t-shirts also sport a set-in ribbed collar with shoulder to shoulder taping, allowing the t-shirt to sit comfortable cross the shoulders without pulling and tugging under the arms which you can get with some cheaper t-shirt designs.

    The Obama design on the front of the t-shirt was

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