Runtz Yo' Life Up With Runtz

The Pure Sativa WorldWide team are delighted to launch several new high-end Runtz products adding to our already lit line-up from the Cali cannabis company, well known for their exotic strains fire branding.

Runtz is in the rarefied air with the most well known top cannabis companies in the industry, having gained a reputation quickly for slick designs and top-shelf quality, and thankfully their merchandise lines are made to the same high standards. The many products from their merch range display the same energy that their cannabis does and quickly catapulted their branding to the top of the game.

As cannabis legalisation has swarmed across the USA, this has led to the emergence of numerous exotic cultivars, all with associated branding clamouring for fan's attention. Despite the competition from brands such as Cookies, Zkittlez, Alien Labs, Lemon Tree and Smokers Club these luxury cannabis companies haven't taken away from the loyal Runtz following. The culmination of these brands shows the world that cannabis lifestyle brands are here to stay and equally indicates to the public that you're in the know of the top brands in the industry.

Runtz brand came to the limelight through the success and universal adoption of their namesake strain, the Runtz, they didn't stop there, and many strains have been added to their catalogue soon, including the Peach Cobbler and Ether. This latest clothing and accessories drop displays the Runtz branding along with a number of other designs, such as the Runtz worldwide branding and the Runtz Ether logo. The range of graphics that the Runtz team has provided for us indicates that the Runtz team doesn't plan on slowing up soon and is coming for the world.

Perhaps the most luxurious cannabis apparel out there has got to be these god-tier

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